Counseling for Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues

The crux of treatment for eating disorders rests in discovering the root cause of your hunger, something your heart already knows. What it doesn't involve is dieting.  Food feeds a hunger that is not physiological, and once you find the need that is not satisfied, you won't need food to cope.

I know what it can be like to put your life on hold until you reach that magic number on the scale, to isolate yourself from friends, to harbor a dark secret about yourself, to base your self worth on size, to beat yourself up after eating, and to wake up daily thinking only about food and weight at the expense of everything meaningful.  I want to extend the possibility of a meaningful life without food obsession to clients like you.

Types of Eating Disorders:

Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Binge Eating Disorder

I see therapy as a chance to walk with you down the road to recovery, at your own pace.  Together we can explore how to handle the areas of your life that are difficult to manage.  You will discover more adaptive ways of thinking and how to experience your feelings without fearing them or becoming overwhelmed.  By uncovering what it is in life that you are craving, you will be able to reconnect with all the things that matter to you – the things your eating disorder has robbed you of. You will practice learning to love and comfort yourself until it comes naturally. We will take an honest approach to understanding nutrition and your body's innate ability to support and work with you. And in learning to trust and rely on your body's natural rhythms, you will experience the relief of trusting yourself. I look forward to serving as a compassionate guide to you on your journey and helping you to restore the hope and meaning you deserve in your life.




Skipping meals
Dieting, chaotic eating, restriction of certain foods
Sudden interest in vegetarianism
Interest in food labels, recipes or food shopping
Increasing talk about food, weight or feeling fat
Bingeing and/or purging
Weighing yourself frequently
Uncomfortable eating around others
Sudden interest in exercising
Exercising for long period of time
Change in sleep or mood
Withdrawal from family and/or friends
Sadness or comments about feeling worthless
Perfectionist attitude